Love Origami !

Love origami !



Full crease pattern.

Patrón completo.

You can download the pdf, and hide-unhide layers, The CP is in black in layers “Valle” and “Montaña”, and is in red-blue in layers “V” and “M”, to prin the CP you can hide some layers, like “Texto”, and “Fondo”, enjoy !
It has 695 lines in valley layers, and 587 lines in mountain layers, 1282 lines to draw the CP, thats what I call a “nice number” ! (the 2 and the 8 are my favorite numbers)
Si descargas el CP, puedes ver todas las capas, u ocultar algunas, en las capas “Valle” y “Montaña” se encuentra el CP en color negro, en las capas “V” y “M” esta en azul y rojo, si lo quieres imprimir, puedes ocultar el fondo y el texto, disfrútalo !
En las capas valle, hay 695 lineas, y en las capas montaña 587 lineas, 1282 lineas en total para dibujar el CP, eso es lo que yo llamo un “número agradable” ! (el 2 y el 8 son mis números favoritos, jejeje)



Love TessellationLove Tessellation
It took me 28 hours over 8 days, 8h to precrease, 10h to collapse, and 10h to add MC to the final shape.
Para hacer esto, tarde 28 horas a lo largo de 8 días, 8h para el predoblado, 10h para colapsar, y 10h para añadir MC al final.



Love Tessellation

2 Responses to “Love Origami !”

  1. 1 Barbara Brownie
    August 9, 2011 at 11:04

    Hi Natan,
    I am trying to contact you regarding the possibility of featuring your work in a typography book. The book will be a sequel to my previous book, ‘Type Image’ (Gingko Press, 2011). If you think you may be interested, could you contact me at my googlemail account? Thanks. I would love to include images of your work, and discuss them in the accompanying text.

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